Is the management and storage of Inspection documentation causing you headaches?

Inspection documentation is a valuable asset requiring secure storage and ease of access.

The Problem:

Do you have problems with lost documents? In the Oil and Gas industry documents can be lost as equipment is moved from location to location or as paperwork is passed from supplier to customer.

If equipment is involved in a major incident, a lost document can become an embarrassing and expensive liability.

The Solution:

Using Paperless will eliminate lost documents through the use of cloud based storage. Your documents are not only safe, but Paperless facilitates 24/7 access to your documents from any web enabled location and provides a conduit for selected access by  customers and 3rd parties, leaving you with the peace of mind that your business assets are in safe hands.

The Added Value:

Reduced Cost

  • Better Utilisation of the work space
  • Multi Site Access to reports.

Reduced Risk

  • From Fire or Environmental damage.


  • Document access is time stamped.
  • Document Version History available to view.
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