Job ticket generation

In a busy workshop environment, it is vital to reduce non value added administration time and get on with higher value, revenue generating tasks.

The Problem:

Consolidating work orders and inspection reports at the end of the working day can be a necessary but time consuming process. You may need a hard copy signature as back up for an inspection report or for a customer invoice.

The Solution:

Deploying Paperless includes the capability to generate a Job Summary report where inspection documents can be tied to a particular work or purchase order from which a job summary ticket can be generated.  The ticket includes general data such as inspector details, site name, dates and times etc but also includes a summary of the assets and inspection work carried out with serial numbers ready for printing and signature by your client.

The Added Value:

Produce job summary tickets for sign off without have to manually collate information, saving time at the end of the job.

Reports can be consolidated by job or by Purchase Order and used as evidence of work performed and back up to an invoice.

Submit more timely and correct invoices and improve cashflow.

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