Demonstrate performance to your customers

In today’s Oil & Gas Industry downturn where cost is king, it is vital to continue to demonstrate to your customers that you are adding value to their business.

The Problem:

Your client has asked for his quarterly update on your inspection key performance indicators which could include, inspections carried out per month, pass and failure rates etc. You need to demonstrate business metrics along with key information that can impact your customers equipment running costs and ensure that your customers see you as a valued part of their supply chain.

The Solution:

Deploying Paperless gives access to a default set of business intelligence information displayed as simple charts that can be used as is or exported to other applications. Save time manually digging through paper reports and generate historical data, with comparisons, instantly. Monitor productivity and performance through easy to read dashboards.

Added Value:

Pre and post implementation audits revealed

Business trends can be analysed allowing you to better anticipate investment opportunities

KPI’s can easily be summarised reducing your administrative burden and ensuring that you can demonstrate value to your client.

Monitor your teams performance and ensure that they all deliver to minimum training and competency standards.

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