Reduce time spent delivering reports

In today’s Oil & Gas Industry improved efficiency means lower costs and a better service. No need to waste time consolidating, copying and e-mailing reports. Give your clients instant access via Paperless.

The Problem:

Bringing together a set of inspection reports for delivery can often be a time consuming and heavy administrative process. Typing reports up, saving files with identifiable names, creating folders to identify the reports against specific purchase orders or work orders. Finally, consolidating the information and sending paper copies by courier, or e-mailing to the client adds to the administrative burden and take you away from more value added tasks.

The Solution:

Deploying Paperless brings with it the capability for your customers to access their reports online and via a web based interface. They have access, as a guest, to only their reports ensuring that your clients can each have a secure storage area for the safe keeping, viewing and printout of their reports.

The Added Value:

You are your clients can better utilise their resources and view documents from a central site.

Clients are able to review paperwork in a timely fashion and are better able to meet delivery targets.

Reports are searchable, multiple reports against the same asset are stored and historical data easily accessed.

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