Deliver accurate inspection reports time and time again

Accurate and timely delivery of inspection reports are the foundation of any inspection business. Reports containing errors can at best cause confusion and at worst cause costly re inspections and damage your reputation.

Our Client:

A market leader in the Oil & Gas sector with presence in 80 countries for their various service lines.

The Problem:

Reports issued to customers were being returned with errors. Often small typographical errors like dates, site or inspector names, but in other cases large errors like serial numbers or equipment types. Regardless, reports had to be remade if these details were incorrect. Equipment had occasionally to be reinspected prior to the report being re-issued. These report errors were costing time and money to fix as well as damaging our clients reputation as a competent inspection company.

The Solution:

By deploying Paperless, our client was able to consolidate their QC process and ensure that their reports were checked by a 3rd party prior to release to the client. A comparison between the number of reports with errors in the two months prior to deployment compared to the two months after deployment showed a reduction in errors of 95%.

The Added Value:

Between the reduced QC time and the reduction of errors, the client projected yearly savings of $40.6k

Their customers also recognised improved service and reduced costs through the process of getting it right first time.

The QC process does not have to take place on site. Cloud access means that the QC process can be carried out remotely and across multiple locations ensuring that your deliverables are of a consistent quality across all sites.

Paperless also includes standardised reporting formats reducing the opportunity for error.

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