Are you maximising your return on investment?

The Oil & Gas Industry has some of the most expensive mobile assets in the world. The capability to manage them effectively is a crucial component of your business model. With Paperless you can more effectively control, manage and approve work carried out.

Control & Visibility

Controlling work tasks on your equipment can be difficult enough within your own company, but it is very difficult when the work is carried out by external suppliers. Evolve’s Paperless system connects directly to your suppliers and enables you as an equipment owner to control your suppliers work tasks. The data recorded can help improve the efficiency of your equipment usage and the processes to maintain them.


Instantly find current or historical work done. Access historical documentation for all of your equipment.

Quality Control

Evolve has worked hard to standardise the maintenance and approval processes inside our Paperless System. This helps to ensure that the highest level of quality is achieved and maintained, and that you continue to deliver a consistent and quality product.


  • No IT infrastructure to purchase or support
  • Rationalising all information into one system
  • Document archival and retrieval
  • Fast reception of inspection certification
  • Increased Quality Control
  • Improved traceability
  • Standardisation
  • Improved work management
  • Compliance
  • Performance measurement through business analytics.


Archive and manage inspection related reports and data. Improve traceability, track IMTE equipment calibrations, track inspector training and competency, deliver reports direct to your clients.

Repair & Manufacture

Asset history tracking from birth to disposal. Instantly find work done or documentation for all of your clients equipment.


Gives you real time visibility of your asset’s calibration status, transparent management of the calibration process and ultimately compliance with regulations

Service Companies

Assign and approve work tasks. Use business analytics to find new ways to optimise asset usage, wear and lifecycle. Optimise your projected expenditure for better control of costs.

Related Evolve Services

Our unique experience in supporting the Oil & Gas Industry enables us to provide the following additional services.


We can carry out a review of your operation, highlight areas for improvement and make recommendations to improve integrity and efficiency.


We have access to a pool of experienced industry professionals who can work, help and advise at any level.


We can source and place experienced and competent staff to fit any of your needs. Vacation relief, short term expansion plans, site management etc.