How can you improve your inspection turn around time?

In today’s Oil & Gas Industry downturn, it is vital to reduce Non Value Added time to make most efficient use of your resources.

Our Client:

A market leader in the Oil & Gas sector with presence in 80 countries for their various service lines.

The Problem:

The inspection process had been identified as having high levels of non value added time including manual processes, documentation transfer inefficiencies and inconsistent quality control points.

The Solution:

Deployed Paperless using an iPad over a Wifi network to perform standardised work tasks and Paperless’ point of interest templates.

The Added Value:

Pre and post implementation audits revealed NVA time reduced by 73.6%

Major Contributors were

  • Criteria ID – 34%
  • Quality Control – 11%
  • Data Entry – 15%
  • Document Delivery – 8%
  • Losses and errors – 6%
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