Auditing Service

In today’s Oil & Gas Industry, it is vital to make the best use of your available resources and carry out your operations in the most efficient manner. It drives customer satisfaction and bottom-line results

Our experience with supporting and working with the NDT inspection industry over the last 15+ years has enabled us to gather a wealth of experience in inspection processes, procedures and methods and a sound base on which to provide inspection related advice and support to your business.

Whether it’s for a pre-customer audit, an internal management audit or purely as health check of your own operations, we can provide experienced auditors and personnel to visit any operation or location worldwide, backed up by experienced maintenance personnel and inspection professionals who can provide further advice and recommendations to fit your requirement.


Identify Risks, Non-Compliance and Non-Efficient operations. By working our way through your operational processes we identify variations, waste, and cycle time.


Working with management and operations personnel, we discuss results and deficiencies and work together to provide a remedial work plan that fits your long term goals.


Carry out a full service deployment as part of an expansion program or as a specific project. We can promote the use of work standardisation and flow, and thereby help you to create a competitive advantage.

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Identify Risks
Reduce uncertainty
Eliminate Waste
Improve processes
Improve Quality
Standardise procedures
Discuss Options
External expert opinion
Improve operational efficiency
Reduce Costs
Cost effective over in house implementation